Fascination. Emotion. Sensation.

Although I have taken many pictures during my stay in Namibia, I am not happy with any of them. Because the feeling of how the holes in one’s heart get filled up with an overwhelming juice for life and passion cannot be recorded by lenses. Words to express such emotions are like looking at the clear night sky here. There are so many (words), yet all of them are so tiny - just like the stars. 

I have been writing a diary but not about my actions and my meals here (the latter would be actually interesting!). It is record of how my perspective have been influenced by this incredible continent. Some views stayed the same, some changed. I wished to escape from society, money and ’the modern world’. I looking for simplicity and a deep closeness to nature and I found it in the Kalahari. However, as much as I loved hiding away from that busy world, I realized that I cannot hide away forever. I have got things to do!

Happiness and love are such difficult things to grasp and understand. I believe both are feelings that happen momentarily. It liberates the soul when one find a piece of the puzzle and fits it in its right place. Africa is a piece of ‘my puzzle’ I believe. 
However, happiness is such a cliché to pursue, my wish in life is to make a difference (to make things better) and inspire people (by not telling them what to think but show the another perspective and leave the thinking up to them). My happiness is a by-product of these. I am indeed in love with research and hope to work hard towards a sustainable way of life between humans and the environment. 

Though, I would love to stay - and promised myself to come back when I will be able to - I know that my place right now is back at university. Keep on studying and working hard. My heart is filled up with freshness, enthusiasm and energy for the next years to come. I have learnt so much both about science and myself as well here.

Listening to Ernest Hemingway I will “Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.”

(Juniper Kiss, Participant 2015)