Johanna Reinhard (Biologist)

01.05.1984 (German)


Ph.D. in Community Ecology/Entomology

University of Potsdam - Germany

2012-2019 (DAAD scholarship)


Project Management

Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve - Namibia



M.Sc. Ecology

University of Zürich/ETH - Switzerland



B.Sc. (hons) Zoology

University of Edinburgh - Scotland



Abitur (2003)

Cambridge HIGCSE (1999-2002)

DHPS Windhoek - Namibia


Raised in Namibia. I became a passionate biologist, currently finishing my Ph.D in savannah grazing ecology at the University of Potsdam. 


I am eager to run projects with university students or school kids, teach them ecological field techniques, scientific method and what it takes to be a field ecologist on our private wildlife reserve in Namibia. Six years of experience in running field projects with students, living in a tented camp,   studying the ecosystem in detail through my dissertation for the past four years plus knowing the place since a child, not only made me an expert in savanna ecology, but also  extremely knowledgeable about wildlife and experienced in the field. 


Past projects involved inventories of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects, as well as their census, song and behavior. Ecological techniques included song recording and analysis, distance sampling, animal observations, small mammal trapping, insect collecting, mounting and identification. I cooperated with experts in various fields including external universities, museums and other scientific institutions. My task was to lead groups of 5 to 15 students (between the ages of 12 and 25) for four weeks and managing research camp, cooperations, presentations and one to two other project leaders. During the Ph.D where I studied the grazing ecology, wildlife management and fire impact on flora and fauna (including small mammals, birds and beetles), I took a break from running four-week student projects and instead were leading master student projects or had research assistants helping me out in the field. I have strong nature conservation background.



Reinhard JE et al. (2018). Short-term responses of Darkling Beetles (Coleoptera:Tenebbrionidae) to the effects of fire and grazing in savannah rangeland. Insect Conservation and Diversity.



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