This is my website and I am delighted you are interested in what I do and where I am coming from. I am a grazing ecologist, was raised in the wild of Namibia, and was blessed enough to obtain a high-profile education in Europe. I then returned to Namibia to found BRinK on the wildlife reserve I grew up in.  


I am extremely concerned and passionate about nature and have become an expert in the local flora and fauna of the Kalahari. I like being a teacher and at home I guide students and nature enthusiasts through the ecology of savannas. I have great ambitions that my scientific work at University actively contributes to wildlife conservation in my home country. I am part of the family business (since 1980), which is run by my two biologist brothers at Kuzikus farm in Namibia, an ecotourism wildlife reserve entirely based on sustainable resource management (  


I graduated at the University of Edinburgh (BSc, Zoology) in Scotland in (2003 - 2007) and the University/ETH Zürich (MSc, Ecology) in Switzerland (2007 - 2009). In 2009, I established the BRinK camp and began with the research projects. Since 2012, I am working on a PhD in savanna ecology of Kuzikus as part of the nature conservation working group at the University of Potsdam in Germany.


I am currently living in Potsdam with my family, ocassionally  traveling between Kuzikus and Berlin to coordinate, guide and run research and welfare projects.